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Tråd: Two Beach Boys autobios out this fall

TWO BB AUTOBIO's OUT THIS FALL: The two ever-lovin'  cousins, Brian Wilson and Mike Love, will each have their own ghosted autobio out this fall. For MIke, it's his first such, and it should be very interesting to finally read his side of things. Brian's book is his second attempt; now free of Dr. Eugene Landy's looming presence, perhaps we'll finally get an accurate account of what really went down in those fifty-five years of Beach Boys.

from beachboysfanclub.com:

Brian Wilson and Mike Love are both writing books about their lives, which will be published this fall. Mike's book, Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy, co-written by James S. Hirsch, will be out on Sept. 13 from Penguin-Random House. Mike's book will be available in hardback, ebook, and audiobook (read by Mike) in CD and digital formats. Brian's book, titled I Am Brian Wilson: A Memoir and co-authored by Ben Greenman, will be out on Oct. 11 from Da Capo Press. Brian's book will be available in hardback and ebook formats." (updated 4/12/16)



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