Tråd: Flere Gil Jourdan albums fra Fantagraphics

Kim Thompson har startet ud med album tre og fire af Gil Jourdan (Gil Jordan/Max Jordan), men udelukker ikke flere dobbelt bind, og da der kun er 16 bind i alt, er en komplet Gil Jourdan på engelsk absolut en mulighed, og det bør vi fejre:

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Why did you start with the third and fourth books?

I don't think the first and second (which comprise a single story) are as good. The character design isn't quite there yet, and he hasn't found the right balance of humor and drama — they're more a straight detective story. The fact is, given the market, it's quite possible that the first book we did was going to be the last, so I'd rather start with one of the stronger ones. This is a rationale you'll find with any of these European series I do, unless there is an underlying continuity that needs to be respected — which is pretty rare, I can only think of one or two instances of that. So I'll be cherry-picking! Sibyl-Anne, which we'll discuss tomorrow, I'm starting with Book 2.

Back to you. If this book succeeds, what are your future plans for Tillieux?

There are 16 Gil Jourdan books (which would mean seven more of our "double" books). The last four were drawn by another cartoonist and are so far as I'm concerned not canonical, and are generally perceived as the weakest anyway even aside from the art; I would do those only if the series is such a huge success that we plow through the other 10 and there's genuine demand for them. I'd probably proceed to books 5/6, then 7/8, then 9/10, then double back to 1/2... then 11/12, which are lesser short stories (including some of those Félix recyclings)... but what are the odds? And even if I get to do a couple more of these I might want to focus on some other Franco-Belgian stuff as well. All I can say is that if this one isn't an unmitigated sales disaster, I'll definitely want to do one more double volume.

Første bind på engelsk fra vinder forlaget Fantagraphics indeholder de belgiske bind 3 og 4:

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Sv: Flere Gil Jourdan albums fra Fantagraphics

Fett. De gamla svenska albumen jag har har litet blekt färgtryck, men Fantagraphics brukar ju vara noga med att göra snygga utgåvor.

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