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Tråd: The Avengers on Late Night With David Letterman!


from http://www.comicmix.com/news/2008/06/04 … -team-ups/

THE AVENGERS AND DAVID LETTERMAN: "Assistant Editors’ Month," the Marvel gimmick that spawned some of the wackiest issues of a comic book in years, all in a four-week period, featured John Byrne drawing Snowbird fighting an abominable snowman in a blizzard (four pages of nothing but white panels, sound effects and word balloons), Fred Hembeck as main artist in Spider-Man and in issue #239 of The Avengers, Marvel's superteam going on Late Night With David Letterman.

More specifically, struggling actor Wonder Man wanted to get on Letterman, and promised to bring along The Avengers for an appearance. The first-string team was in California, so Hawkeye scrounged up a few second-string members like The Beast and Black Panther to help out. Hawkeye had been rendered almost completely deaf in his recent mini-series, so to cover for it, he got Letterman’s questions beforehand, and just memorized the answers. And Letterman, of course, asked the questions out of order, resulting in a situation similar to an old Bela Lugosi urban legend (Question: “What’s it like being a big star, Bela?” Answer: “Thursday!”).

And the bad guy of the issue? Everybody’s favorite wanna-be villain, Fabian Stankowicz. Filling the studio with death traps, Stankowicz jumped onto the stage and had Letterman interview him while the Avengers struggled with the impending doom. Letterman saved the day by walloping the Mechano-Marauder with a giant phony doorknob. Good times from the days when you could read a book like that and not complain that comedy has no place in a serious book like this.

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