Tråd: Blank balloon panel in Dark Horse's Little Lulu 9

The mistake may have been corrected in DH's later reprint:


One difficulty that the LLL had (and which DH inherited) is that the original B&W artwork for some early issues of LL is apparently lost.  What the LLL did (and it's useless but still neat fun to debate whether this was the wisest course of action) was to have B&W artwork re-created by a skilled inker, for those issues. Almost inevitably, at least one glitch occurred in the re-lettering process, which somehow went unnoticed by all involved in the LLL: one balloon in panel 7 of page 2 of the Tubby story in LL 9 was left blank! Here is the actual panel from LL 9, located by Lulu scholars some years ago. Since (and this was a surprise) DH decided to begin this new LL series by reprinting LL 6 through 12, this very Tubby story is included, with blank lower balloon. Incidentally, LL 9 seems to be the only issue in the entire stretch of LL 6 - 12 to have been re-inked (as can be seen best from the lettering in the balloons, which is noticeabty different from that in the other issues).

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