Tråd: Walt Simonson om Thor og Fantastic Four


JOZIC: You once said, I think regarding the Star Slammers, that you saw it as an opportunity to experiment more with your storytelling. You'd done it a bit on the Fantastic Four, and I think you kind of inferred that in your creator-owned project, you were allowed to cut loose and go wherever you wanted. Are you finding that sort of freedom here? I mean, you said you were only getting in twenty-five percent of the visuals. Do you feel like you have a pretty big playing field with this series?

SIMONSON: Well, I think what I've found is, the kind of experimental stuff, if you want to call it that, or when I'll try something that I might not...I might try something in one comic that I wouldn't try in another. I don't know, looking back now, whether it's really a function of being creator owned or so much the demands of the material, whatever it might be. I did do some stuff in the FF, maybe because it was science-fiction based, and also because it was the direction that the stories went, that I hadn't tried in Thor, for example. But I also felt that Thor, as a comic, and I've said this elsewhere, it's kind of backwards looking.

I mean, one of the tensions of Thor, for me, in the Kirby/Lee stuff, was that it was both mythologically based, and to a certain extent, science-fictionally based. So you have, kind of this, visionary material of the future, as well as a rather visionary view of the past. And these kind of collide in odd ways. When you use those ideas, I think it makes it different from super heroes like the Fantastic Four or Superman or Batman name it. But because the central character for me was conservative, and it looks backwards in time to a mythic past, I didn't do a lot of weirdo layouts. I just didn't think it was appropriate. I kept the layouts very straight, for the most part. I've had more than one person commenting [that they] went back and looked at the stuff much later on - I mean read it when it came out and looking at it ten years later - and were amazed at how straightforward the layouts were. They remember all this energy and impact and things exploding outwards, when in actual fact, it's a very straightforward layout.

The FF, bigger approach, forward based, hi-tech, hard-edged super-science. Pulp science-fiction, if you will, at least for me. I did some stuff in there every so often, most notably the time fight between Doom and Reed...

JOZIC: Yeah!

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