Tråd: GoogaMooga's greatest movie poster sale

here it is, as promised, priced in sterling and priced to go!
PM me if you are interested

i list director, title, j. for japanese original, j. revival for japanese revival, and reprod. for reproductions. finally, the price in cash that i am asking, based on what i have been offered before, and also the age and importance of the film in question.

(preminger) bunny lake is missing (j.) £40
(losey) the servant (j.) £40
(altman) thieves like us (j.) £30
(eisenstein) que viva mexico! (j. revival, red, bw) £20
(herzog) aguirre, the wrath of god (j.) £30
(aldrich) the flight of the phoenix (j.) £40
(minnelli) the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (j.) £40
(godard) pierrot le fou (j. revival, color) £30
(melville) the army of shadows (j.) £40
(lelouch) a man and a woman (j.) £40
(truffaut) the bride wore black (j.) £40
(keaton) the navigator (j. revival, color) £30
(chet baker) let's get lost (j.) £30
(scorsese) mean streets (j.) £40
(pasolini) salo - or 120 days of sodom (j.) £50
(sayles) the brother from another planet (j.) £20
(jean cocteau) autoportrait d'un inconnu (j. bw) £30
(edwards) the pink panther (j.) £50
(bunuel) viridiana (j.) £40
(pasolini) theorema (j.) £40
(keaton) steamboat bill jr. (j. revival, color) £30
(frankenheimer) birdman of alcatraz (j.) £40
(pasolini) pigsty (j.) £50
(hitchcock) the birds (j.) £100
(losey) eva (j.) £40
(bunuel) tristana (j.) £30
(keaton) seven chances (j. revival, color) £30
(bunuel) tristana (j. revival, gold, color, bw) £20
(visconti) ossessione (j. revival, red, bw) £30
(truffaut) finally sunday (j.) £30
(bunuel) the obscure object of desire (j. revival, color) £30
(bertolucci) the spider's stratagem (j. revival, color) £30
(altman) nashville (j.) £30
(coppola) one from the heart (j.) £30
(bresson) four nights of a dreamer (j. revival, red, bw) £30
(sayles) matewan (j.) £20
(huston) the dead (j.) £20
(visconti) l'innocente (j.) £30
(ashby) being there (j.) £30
(bergman) the face (j. revival, two colors, bw) £20
(altman) a wedding (j.) £30
(hitchcock) young and innocent (j. revival, two colors) £20
(rafelson) the postman always rings twice (j.) £30
(wajda) man of marble (j.) £30
(wajda) man of iron (j.) £30
(burroughs) shotgun painting (j. exhibition poster) £10
(renoir) woman on the beach (j. revival, red, bw) £20
(s. ray) the chess players (j. revival, color, bw) £20
(s. ray) jana aranya (j. revival, green, bw) £20
(s. ray) the world of apu (j.) £30
(rohmer) pauline on the beach (j.) £20
(warhol) the factory years (v&a exhibition poster 1989) £10
(hitchcock) psycho (reprod.) £5
(hitchcock) dial m for murder (reprod.) £5
(documentary) night mail (reprod.) £5
(fleming) reckless (reprod.) £5
(thelonious monk) straight no chaser (doc.) £30
(warhol) marilyn (j. exhibition poster) £10
(tarantino) reservoir dogs (j., oversized) £30
(welles) citizen kane (reprod.) £5
(hitchcock) notorious (j. revival, two colors, bw) £20
(hitchcock) rebecca (j. revival, red, bw) £20
(keaton) the general (still poster, bw) £5
(sternberg) the blue angel (j. revival, two colors) £30
(fuller) the naked kiss (j. revival, two colors, bw) £30
(king vidor) the big parade (thames silent, two colors, bw) £30
(altman) the player (j.) £20
(welles) othello the restoration (j. revival, red, bw) £30
(coen) barton fink (j.) £20
(mekas) scenes from the life of andy warhol (j., doc.) £30
(rossen) the hustler (still poster) £5
(visconti) rocco and his brothers (j. revival, silver, bw) £30
(ophuls) letter from an unknown woman (j. revival, red, bw) £20
(tourneur) cat people (j. revival, sepia, bw) £30
(welles) the magnificent ambersons (j. revival, red, bw) £30
(zinneman) from here to eternity (j. reprod., color) £10
(cavani) the night porter (j.) £30
RKO Pictures (j. montage of RKO stars, red, bw) £20
(hawks) bringing up baby (j. revival, green, bw) £20
(ozu) higanbana (j.) £40
(n. ray) they live by night (j. revival, green. bw) £30
(n. ray) on dangerous ground (j. revival, red, bw) £30
(frankenheimer) seconds (j.) £50
(hawks) hatari! (j.) £50
(losey) accident (j.) £40
(truffaut) stolen kisses (j.) £40
(camus) black orpheus (j. double, door-sized poster) £100
(tati) play time (j.) £50

"When the desert comes, people will be sad; just as Cannery Row was sad when all the pilchards were caught and canned and eaten." - John Steinbeck

Sv: GoogaMooga's greatest movie poster sale


"When the desert comes, people will be sad; just as Cannery Row was sad when all the pilchards were caught and canned and eaten." - John Steinbeck