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Tråd: International Alternative Press Festival (London) - Upprop

Information via mailinglista. Verkar vara ungefär som ett engelskt SPX, med utrymme för alternativ/ amatörtecknare.

Jimi Gherkin and Peter Lalley of the excellent UK small-press publisher Alternative Press (http://www.alternativepress.org.uk/) want to attract international artists to their next Alternative Press Fair, at the Conway Hall in London.

"Be a part of the International Alternative Press Festival, beginning with a weekend of events between 27th - 29th May 2011. As an International Artist we are enthusiastic for you to exhibit at our fair in London's famous Conway Hall with a free table space, as well as the opportunity for an exhibition at one of our partner spaces in the weeks around the main fair. We are accepting applications now at alternativepress.org.uk or email [email protected] See you there!"

Ethno-postmodernism in an Albert Speer pattern dominates.