Tråd: French Ice - et tidligt forsøg på BD i USA

Hvem kan huske "French Ice" fra Renegade Press, med "Carmen Cru"?

Publisher    Renegade   
First Issue  #1 - February 1987     Last  #13 - April 1888


Jean-Marc Lelong was one of the regular artists of Fluide Glacial magazine and the creator of the series 'Carmen Cru'. After living in Africa for a while, Jean-Marc Lelong became a professional illustrator. Two years later, his first pages were published in Pilote in the series 'Monsieur Émile', with scenarios by Christian Barré. From 1982, Lelong worked for Fluide Glacial, where he started his series about the old lady 'Carmen Cru'. 'Carmen Cru' has been published in albums since 1984, and the final and seventh album appeared in 2001. The series was adapted into a theatre play by the Compagnie du Préau. Jean-Marc Lelong died in February 2004.

"When the desert comes, people will be sad; just as Cannery Row was sad when all the pilchards were caught and canned and eaten." - John Steinbeck