Tråd: "May I feel said he" - mini-comic depicting e.e. cummings' famous poem

e.e. cummings var en interessant digter, som skrev med lutter små bogstaver, hvormed han startede en lille revolution, synes jeg:

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May I feel said he
A mini-comic depicting e.e. cummings famous poem.
12 pages.
This mini comic is a silly spin on a fractious poem. Its kinda fun.

email adressen man kan bestille på duer ikke, så der skal nok lidt detektiv arbejde til, men vi har jo god tid. 

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The Total Work of Art:

The father of Dada Hugo Ball believed in the idea of Die Gesammtkunstwerk or the total work of art. In the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, Ball organized events that were a perceptual chiasma, an all encompassing sensual experience that incorporated different forms of art to form the total work of art.

This philosophy as I interpret it compels me as the most interesting form for expression. When I have an idea I would like to express it in many different forms, feeling out which one best describes my concept while investigating the questions behind the ideas further. I also believe that every viewer approaches different works and mediums in various ways.

I want my work to resonate. I want my work to provoke someone, anyone.

By creating, combining and unifying a project from various forms, the results may allow for a broader audience and many reactions and interpretations.

I want emotion, change, and vitality in my work.

"When the desert comes, people will be sad; just as Cannery Row was sad when all the pilchards were caught and canned and eaten." - John Steinbeck

Sv: "May I feel said he" - mini-comic depicting e.e. cummings' famous poem

Farsan skrev en parafras på Jörn-mål. Det var någon flicka som fick lift hem efter dansen...

- Va vill du ha för skuss´n, sa hon
- I ta väll puss´n, sa han

- Få I föle in, sa han
- I bo opa vinn, sa hon

- Ha I lov?, sa han.
- Men tist för mamma sov, sa hon.

- Men försök å vänt, sa hon.
- He ha redan hänt, sa han.

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