Tråd: Ros til Comic Art magazine

Comic Art er det flotteste prozine om tegneserier, jeg nogensinde har set. Jeg har de fleste numre og vil stærkt anbefale jer at finde de udsolgte back issues:

Issues 1 through 7 are all sold out

Issues 8 & 9 available

Praise for Comic Art magazine:

The most heartbreakingly idealistic thing I've ever seen.

- R. Crumb.

Comic Art makes life worth living. It's my favorite magazine.

- Mark Frauenfelder, co-founder of, and editor-in-chief of Make Magazine.

Each new issue of Comic Art makes my tiny cartoonist heart flutter.

- Matt Groening, cartoonist and creator of The Simpsons.

Comic Art is smart without being academic or smart-ass and beautiful without being flashy. Its deep love for the medium's past and present is so moving it almost makes me optimistic about the future!

- Art Spiegelman, editor of Raw, Little Lit and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Maus.

Comic Art is the finest publication of its kind. It brilliantly captures and presents both the illustrious past and promising future of the medium, with an eye to detail and production value that is rarely seen.

- Chip Kidd, book cover designer, author of The Cheese Monkeys, and editor of The Art of Peanuts.

Comic Art magazine is the real thing; just plain good; very interesting; of high quality; lovely to look at; pleasant to the touch; aromatically refreshing; intellectually and morally sound; high-minded without being high handed; a sound investment AND mild.

- Gary Panter, the 'King of Punk art', author of the underground comic Jimbo, and set designer for the Emmy Award-winning Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

One of the very few publications about comics that makes me not hate comics. It's always enlightening and filled with surprises, not to mention impeccably, beautifully produced. A necessary and rewarding item for anyone interested in our humble art form.

- Ivan Brunetti, author of Haw and Schizo and editor of the forthcoming book An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories published by Yale University Press.

I like Comic Art more than I liked my own magazine. It's simply the best.

- Daniel K. Raeburn, author of The Imp magazine and Chris Ware, a monograph from Yale University Press.

Comics Reporters Tom Spurgeon interviewer Comic Art redaktøren Todd Hignite om bladet:

An Interview With Todd Hignite
posted July 22, 2006

One of the most satisfying developments in the last decade in the limited field of writing about comics has been the debut and subsequent development of Comic Art. With so many publications and books positioning themselves in terms of approaches and markets, Comic Art traveled the more admirable route of acting as a reflection of editor Todd Hignite's view of comics. It's a classy and intelligent view, as was apparent throughout the magazine's first-volume run.

Hignite returns this summer with the first issue of Comic Art volume 2, the beginning of a partnership with Buenaventura Press. Hignite uses the thicker BP version to give Seth a booklet platform through which to talk about comics and to profile through his various, high-profile contributing writers such creators as Drew Friedman, Richard McGuire and Jim Starlin.

interviewet kan læses her: … iews/5349/

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